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Details Rotterdam = Art, Fashion, Lifestyle en Vintage.

Welcome to Details Rotterdam, the art gallery and concept store where creative people come together and where vintage clothing and works of art are sold. Details Rotterdam has a unique space where art and fashion merge, and where talented makers are given a stage.

At Details Rotterdam, cherishing craftsmanship and celebrating individuality is central. Carefully curated, the gallery offers a diverse selection of contemporary artwork, with a focus on emerging artists from the region and beyond. Visitors are invited to be inspired by the diverse styles, materials and concepts that embody the artworks on display.

Vintage clothing
In addition to the works of art, Details Rotterdam also has an extensive collection of vintage clothing. From timeless classics to one-of-a-kind pieces, the concept store offers an eclectic mix of fashion items that are both stylish and sustainable. Here, lovers of vintage fashion can indulge themselves and put together unique outfits that reflect their personality.

Meeting place
Details Rotterdam not only functions as a retail space, but also as a lively meeting place. Artistic events, workshops and lectures are regularly organized, giving visitors the opportunity to interact with artists and designers. It is a place where creativity is stimulated and ideas come to life.

Whether you're an art lover, a vintage fashionista or just curious about creative expression, Details Rotterdam welcomes you with open arms. Discover the hidden gems in the art world, find unique vintage treasures and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere that this art gallery and concept store has to offer.



What is going on?

Aritst: Janet Lee & Xavi
Expo: Art of Observing & Xavi's Journey through Japanese Culture
24-06-2023 / 31-12-23

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An eye for detail to inspire you.
An eye on each other to spread love.

An eye for detail
to inspire you.

An eye on each other
to spread love.

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Frits Ruysstraat 42D
3061 MG Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Opening times
Thursday to Saturday
11:00 tot 17:00 uur

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