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Every 3 months we organize a new exhibition of an artist with an opening. Workshops and sometimes other events are also on the agenda.


Mariken Heijwegen is a born maker. As a child she drew and painted a lot and made Barbie clothes from old socks. She graduated from fashion academy and at the art academy.

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Dietrich van Gobbel

Dietrich van Gobbel (1997) is a photographer. The central theme in his work is identity. The question he always asks himself is: “Who am I? And why am I?”.

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Suzanne Harkhoe

Exploring the concept of identity, this exhibition reflects the diasporic Surinamese heritage of the artist Suzanne Harkhoe steeped in contemporary issues that generate anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist sentiments, resulting in cognitive dissonance.

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Kasper Tinus

"This selection of works is about rediscovering myself and unlearning what I have learned about the nature of who I am."

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What is going on?

Aritst: Janet Lee & Xavi
Expo: Art of Observing & Xavi's Journey through Japanese Culture
24-06-2023 / 31-12-23

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An eye for detail to inspire you.
An eye on each other to spread love.

An eye for detail
to inspire you.

An eye on each other
to spread love.

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